11:30AM January 21, 2021

John Shaw

I've been trying to sign up for new service for a couple of days, but I keep running into the same glitch on the website. I've tried different browsers, clearing my cache, and different computers as well as my phone browser. The same glitch keeps happening no matter how I attempt to sign up. Once I navigate through the system of identifying my property and running the speed test (which always crashes at 14%), I get to the page to select my new services. The only service that is available to be selected is non-broadband phone for $15. If I select that (which I don't want in the first place, but I can click on it to see what happens), then more options populate below for TV/Video. I'm trying to sign up for internet and phone, and the website has a glitch that won't allow those options to show up.

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10:02AM January 22, 2021

Kim Thomas
Hi Mr. Shaw, I am sorry to hear you had this issue. I do see your order complete in the system this morning, so it looks like you were able to complete the process. We apologize for any frustrations. Please reach out if you have any additional questions.