8:06PM February 10, 2024

Justin Bruns

My parents live in Wardsville and love your services. If you could expand to Beasley Court in Jefferson City, that would be awesome. I’m stuck with Brightspeed/Centurylink and they are awful in service and customer service. I literally live less than 1 mile/2 minutes down the road of Route B that heads towards Wardsville MO. I’m THIS close to your area of coverage and would honestly spend MORE than your current rates if it meant getting your fiber. I’m begging you to please expand just a little to give us an option.

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4:07PM February 20, 2024

Kim Thomas
Hi Justin, We appreciate your interest in Callabyte service. However, we currently do not have service available at your location and do not have any plans to expand there in the foreseeable future. Please feel free to periodically check the website or call in for any updates. Thank you!